News, C.D’s, Dowloads New Album dropped May 2017.   Checkout the new fire. Fuck the dumb shit and fuck with THE Bull SHIT.

part2 yuop 2016 album The return of the #1 Taurus King Bull.

New album April 20 2015
New album here

Album #5 “Raise Up” This is Punish hottest album, an he stomped 12 solo. This album is allowing you to understand that you must defend yourself at all time. You must understand that “NO MAN CAN GET YOU TO HEAVEN, so allowed NO MAN to defeat you no matter what the situation is. Cops vs You Vs Man/ Woman = 0nly Gods taken names. After you checkout every album, you will see that TNTB Records stay the same, and for you new comers, TNTB stands for “Trust Nothin That Breathes”

Album 4
Album 4

Album #4 “The People Vs L Deandre Stewart” This album brings you 11 hot tracks including the track people have question so many ways an wondering could this be the reason why things happen to them, this track is called “Back As A Demon” also include Dead Man Walking. This album was brought to you in 2014, and from this day the D.A and the Judge still have question about this album. Don’t miss this artist, and catch this album for download here.

Album #3
Album #3

Album #3 “Eye’s Of The Enemy” 12 hot tracks that has all different flavors on it. This album has San Jose hot artist such as C.N.D, G.P, an D.D, also E.P.A hot artist Young SkitZ, San Francisco hot artist Jill Jones aka Renee Rose, Sacramento hottest female artist Black Marilyn Monroe. Check this album out an be the judge of it yourself. If you want to know the eyes of the enemy, then this is the album that covers that.

Album #2
Album #2

Album # 2 “Missouri Born California Raised” If you follow an artist, an you can know about this artist where, when, how, what, an so on in his 2nd album, then you know this artist stay loyal to the soil, and will not change his way for no one. This album allows you to understand what makes him different from the wrest. This artist connected with San Jose hottest artist that is originally from East Bloc San Jose Cali, this artist name is Jaz, also Punish has made his name known by working with artist from L.A California artist like Young Loon, an then Punish hookup with out of state artist from Houston Tx. 2 Man Army. This album has over thousands of downloads, so keep it going. Check it out here

Album #1
Album #1

Album #1 “TAURUS EMPIRE” This album was brought to you with a full raging Bull who plays by his own rules. Punish gave you the hardcore original Anti drug dealer, anti buster, anti alcoholic state of mind type music.This album along with the wrest will be classic. featuring Young Skitz, G.P Jill Jones, an San Francisco first female hottest artist Mac Tyi. Punish brought that Taurus sign, an that # 9. Punish allowing you to understand an getting close to a Bull who only shit on top of fake artist who claim they done work, but never done any of that. If you do not remember anything else, just remember TNTB.



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