Do your part and correct the Devil in the mirror.

T.N.T.B Records was created by rap artist Punish, and inspired by his challenging life experiences. Along with these expressions in his music, are his beliefs that everyone is created equal, even though the world may show you otherwise. Do not be a follower; be the leader that you were meant to be. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do what you want in life. Your plans could be their plans to make money and succeed off of you. This is the reason behind T.N.T.B. which stands for Trust Nothing That Breathes. Believe in the Creator first, yourself second, and then whatever else you decide to put in your circle. No one can love you like yourself. Remember rich, poor, or in the middle, it does not mean anything. Everything you have in this life, you cannot take with you when it’s your time to go. We all came in this world alone and we will leave it alone. No one can get you to a place they’ve never been. Never knock anyone’s beliefs, for you do not have all the answers. This world does not belong to humans; it belongs to the Creator. Everything in this world that breathes has a life like humans, and deserves to be treated with respect. Through the music and social responsibility, this label and it’s artists work to inspire change, and uplift the world collectively. 

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